Issue #30
Erin O'Connor, by Amedeo M.Turello
Priests, a Blair Witch feeling, a supernatural and ritualistic journey, witchcraft and magic, this issue is spiritual, satanic, captivating, enchanting and… mystic. Exclusive photographs of supermodel Erin O’Connor taken iconic stately home and seat of the infamous Profumo affair, Cliveden House. Erin seduces with fear and longing, magic and secrecy. An interview where she explains to us her life as a model. One of the most in demand photographers of his generation Sante D’Orazio, the sexy and vibrant image-maker of today and his incredible series on priests. René Staud who combines the finest cars with thrilling landscapes and striking architecture, plus a little bit of Bond. Jim Dine, an artist with no artistic definition. Michel Troisgros, who holds three Michelin stars. Grimaldi & Giardina, a Made In Italy collaboration of friendship, fortune, fame and destiny. They give us their point of view about religion and share with us their love and inspiration from southern Italy. The fashion editorials feature “Supernatural” by Amber Gray, “Religious Diptych” by Gray Scott, “The Backyard of Solace” by Cel Jarvis, “Happening of Spirit” by Alaric Hammond and “The Landscape of Dream” by Jeff Olson.
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