Issue #29
Alexandra Richards, by Amedeo M.Turello
She cannot defy her roots. With her rock’n’roll style, her untamed hair and her rebellious stance, daughter of Patti Hansen and (in)famous Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards Alexandra Richards, is a model, artist and DJ. But she doesn’t need to play the role of her parent’s daughter; she combines to perfection her sense of fashion and her musical talent. Worthy of her rock’n’roll heritage, she embodies the style with her very personal twist. She is part of the current wave of rock’n’roll spirit, surviving on music, fashion and sex, even if to her mind she doesn’t have a rock’n’roll attitude. A quick flashback. We are in Bethel - New York, Monday August 18th, 1969. Woodstock Festival. The sun rises, the honour of closing the greatest rock festival ever conceived had been bestowed to Jimi Hendrix. On the road to the sun, a quick stop in St Tropez reminiscent of the famous BB style. Photographer Matthieu Deluc’s photographs show us the fashion attitude, the art of vandalism, or how the rock’n’rollers had been destroying hotels room. Patti Smith, great poet and singer by the movie maker Steven Sebring, “Dream of Life”. Martin Scorsese’s “Rockumentary” dedicated to on of the most famous rock’n’roll band of the world. An exclusive interview of Gerard Malanga, poet and photographer. Jorgen Angel’s impressive portofolio that sums up the rock’n’roll era. Amy Winehouse, the most devastated and destructed diva of the 21st century. And always more shoots by great photographers: “Singer’s Muse” by Paco Garcia, “Come to Mommy… I’m home” by Joe Lally, “Breakdown” by John Sayer White, “Chelsea Girl” by Curtis Eberhardt, “Blood Red Rebel” by Richard Warren, “After the Explosion” by Louis Park, “Flower Poison” by Amber Gray, “The Summer Spirit” By Richard Machado and “Sunset Hotel” by Jeff Olson.
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