Issue #27
Rachel Roberts, by Amedeo M.Turello
At 5”9, leggy, blonde, blue eyed and athletic, Rachel Roberts encompasses the homecoming queen. She talks to us about her future as Hollywood’s hottest new commodity. Dita Von Teese... the iconic Burlesque dancer showcases the latest collection by Christian Dior...Dolce & Gabbana Special... The Designer duo talk to us about their exciting new direction leaving the baroque creations in the past and looking forwards towards with “Metallic Future Love”, Amanda Lepore, the transsexual superstar follows her own path...! No place like Rome... In the eyes of most observers, the Italians and the Romans are always a cut above the rest. The real beauty of Rome is how the bewildering blend of ancient and modern interact with each other on a daily basis... Carlotta Tesconi, Carolina Crescentini, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Violante Placido, or Claudia Zanella all celebrate female sensibility as well as power. The lifestyle section Billionaire Stacy Cohen reports on the world’s hottest parties, people and places... from reporting on her own modus vivendi to charity events accross the globe, Stacy has it covered. New York Rock Attitude... From representing Paco Garcia’s hard-edged trangressional urban beauty in Rock my World, to beauty... French style with XY’s La Vie en Rose via a story of misplaced promise with Gian Andrea di Stefano’s Soho Act...The Italian Secret... In the heat of an Italian afternoon, the streets hold secrets in their shadows. Anderson & Low explore the realationship between body costume, performance and identity... Plus, an eclectic mix of exciting world events and exhibitions... including Ken Russell’s nostalgic take on 1960s Britain, Lucien Clergue at the Kuntshauswien, Vienna, David Drebin at Fahey-Klein, Los Angeles, Jeff Bark on contemplating the soul of the creator, British image maker Rankin’s first stateside exhibition, discovering the Guggenheim Museum in Mexico by Enrique Norten, Taschen’s hommage to Valentino’s departure. Images that represent the bold formality of the past, to the modern urbanism of today, Monte-Carlo is seen through the lenses of very different photographers... two people, two visions, one exhibition...! With Gabriele Basilico and Germaine Krull.
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