Issue #26
Michelle Alves, by Amedeo M.Turello
The embodiment of all that is woman, Michelle Alves is at once the essence of feminity. Her multi-faceted character incorporates, warmth, energy, wisdom wit... and more! The history of the diva spans the whole of the century, stories of society and culture as well as fashion... In this edition we have released the women who have infuenced trends : HSH Princesse Grace of Monaco, Princess Diana, Jackie Onassis and Kate Moss... Glamorous writer and philantropist Stacy Cohen is the new Style Monte-Carlo Lifestyle Editor, and starts to reveals the secrets of her exciting and extravagent billionaire modus vivendi, just few weeks before her latest release “The Kosher Billionaire’s Secret Recipe”. Beautiful and proud, relaxed and sincere, she reflects light all around... An example that contributes to celebrate the beauty that fortifies women where personality, courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make women beautiful... Fernanada Tavares...With an edgy punch Anna Valle’s looks have been likened to those of a Fellini or Visconi heroine. Her chameleon indentity always ranges in the perception of a realm of values : of what people can feel and perceive as the modern Dolce Vita... All things great and good from the 1960s, the sci-fi classic Barbarella is back in a 34 page production for a remake of the Jane Fonda classic mood as the sexy queen of the galaxy featuring the latest collections... Plus overseas talent... From New York... photographer Curtis Eberhardt, in the yellow factory... baby dolls shrug off their aura of innocence. Amber Gray presents the imaginative and abstract sensations of a night promenade. Kil Park, the Summer Diva in a French way, a chic school girl... and Richard Warren shoots the Spring / Summer urban and downtown attitudes... From Paris... photographer Benjamin Kanarek, a story of screaming desires, fashion victim approach and wannabe personality... the mythic Studio Harcourt by Pierre Anthony Allard, is presented with an exclusive interview and celebrity portraits... From Miami... The nostalgic and glamorous: the pin-up mermaid in a beautiful contemporary James Bond vision, the beauty on the beach by photographer Gian Andrea di Stefano. Exclusive interviews and photo-portraits of : Stuart Weitzman... the Stiletto Sultan, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo... the modern patron of contemporary art, Gerhard Steidl... the king of the most exquisite publishing projects... This intimate little location will teach you how to bring balance and wholeness back into your daily routine, back into your emotions, and back into your physical body. Take a trip to the stunning secret of the Mediteranean, relax and let go in Corsica... the Island of Beauty !
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